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Come Wi Go Dung Deh - Various - The Best Of Reggae

2 Oct

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  1. De Ribba Ben Come Dung De ribba ben come dung, de ribba ben come dung De ribba ben come dung and me couldn come ova Chorus: Wah oh, wah oh, wah oh an how you come ova Me look in a de wata, me look in a de wata Me look in a de wata, see grangi, grange Me get piece a dealboard, me get piece a dealboard Me get piece a dealboard me trow i pan de wata.
  2. Come Dung Reggae. 3, likes · 3 talking about this. Fusión de simples acordes, letras claras, expresiones de sentimientos, mística vintage. Seguinos en Followers: K.
  3. Aug 21,  · Wi go a deep and di engine bruk dung. Wi out deh how long and one of di man dem start bawl seh him woman tell him nuh fi go a sea. Mi a seh, 'Yow, once yuh come a sea yuh cyah have dem doubt deh.
  4. Sep 01,  · Rastafarian words and phrases are a combination of English dialect and Jamaican Patois spoken primarily by Rastafarians. The Rastafarian language is actually much easier to learn than Jamaican Patois because it’s mostly a play on English words (e.g. “overstand” for “understand”,“downpress” for “oppress”,“ I-ditate” for “meditate” etc) rather than being an entirely.
  5. A predecessor of reggae popular in the early s * Based on an indigenous Jamaican rhythm emphasis on the 2 and 4 quadruple meter * Mainly instrumental, but eventually got lyrics. Rock Steady. Another predecessor of reggae followed in the mid s slower .
  6. This three-disc, track reggae roots collection has some great sides, including Peter Tosh's "Equal Rights," Sly Dunbar's spare reading of Bob Marley's "Sun Is Shining," and a pair of beautifully arranged songs from the Mighty Diamonds, "Right Time" and "Africa," but too much here seems rather generic and by the numbers, making this set OK in a pinch but far from essential.6/
  7. Jamaican Slang and Glossary Words and Phrases. Glossary of Jamaican Reggae-Rasta words, expressions, and slang. This is a one of a kind glossary that is complimented by an audio version as well.
  8. Linton Kwesi Johnson - Come Wi Go Dung Deh Kussondulola - Kussondulola Big Mountain - Baby I Love Your Way Peter Tosh - Johnny B Goode Bob Marley & Waylers - Iron Lion Zion UB40 - Present Arms Bob Marley & the Wailers - Buffalo Soldier Yves Larock Ft Jaba - Rise Up (Reggae mix) UB40 - One In Ten Eddy Grant - Do You Feel My Love.

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